I am a wife, mother, photographer, and life-long resident of the Greater Boston area with great passion for both science and art.

My enthusiasm for photography and journalism commenced as a young girl. I've always been an observer, documenting my experiences with journals and images. It has been my process, as far back as I can recall.

My first major purchase as an adolescent was a Pentax SLR camera. I spent months saving for my first set of gear to accompany it. I have fond memories of creating a "studio" of bed sheet backdrops in the basement of my childhood home, and soliciting friends and family for portraiture. My younger brother was such a great sport!

My hobby resumed during my college years with elective photography courses, contest entries and always having camera in hand.

After graduation, I spent several years focusing on entrepreneurship, operating a real estate conveyance and escrow business.

In 2008, my aspirations of making a profession from my love of creating image art resumed, and has since blossomed to what it is today. I spent two years acquiring  higher education in Photography and Photojournalism at the New York Institute of Photography.  

My stylistic approach has been described as artistic and journalistic, as well as traditional. I continue to learn, grow and strive for excellence in my technique and creativity every day.

I would be delighted to preserve the memories that tell your unique story.

Warmly, Tara

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